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Communist Division         
Havana Cigars
Bermuda Triangle
Colombia Cartel
Peru Democrats
Mafia Division         
PDRK Baseball Players
US Racketeers
Russian Roulette
Sicily Sopranos
Middle East Division        
Palestine Refugees
Afghanistan Afghanistis
Tripoli Men-of-honor-fighting-for-Freedom
Osama's Unidentified Men
Other Middle East Division
Iraqi Oil Smugglers
Iran Ayatollahs
Syria Syrup
Serbia Sheepdogs
11-time RSL World Champions
Havana Cigars
Diaspora Decade
The NABA did not finish the 1990 season as planned and Colorado was awarded the championship based on record.  The league did not reform in 1991.  Several attempts at replacement leagues were attempted but did not catch on. Details on franchise histories during the period are sketchy. The most is known about the Havana Cigars, who competed continuously in the Rogue States League. The Chicago Warheads moved to Tripoli and also competed in the RSL as the Men-of-honor-fighting-for-freedom. The Baltimore Browns competed in the YPL in 1999 but their record is unknown. The Colorado Clubbers played in a worldwide barnstorming league and did not immediately divulge their history when they joined the league as the San Francisco Slurves in 2003.

World Baseball League
In 2000 a small previously unknown minor league expanded to six teams and recruited six new owners to form the World Baseball League. The league did not play in 2000 but instead were approached by the Baltimore Browns to form the Terran Baseball Association. The Havana Cigars agreed to rejoin a legitimate league as well. The WBL's only term of agreement was that they would continue as an independent league within the TBA.  This was formalized in 2004 when the TBA was realligned into the WBL and NABA.

Havana Cigars Official Press Release - March 21, 2001
11-time RSL champions
1989 - NABA Champs 1988 - Cheated by capitalist pigs!

Take that imperialist dogs!
Havana (CFN) - Dennis Eckersley threw a complete game 1-hitter to lead Havana to its 11th consecutive Rogue States League Title.  The Cigs defeated the People's Democratic Republic of Korea (PDRK) Baseball Players 12-5 in the final game of the 4 game sweep.

This was the 11th year in a row the Baseball Players were swept in the RSL World Series.

"It really feels great after the PDRK sold us those faulty missiles last year.  Those bums! No wonder we seep them every year."

Dave Parker, 57, and Will Clark, 39, each went 3-4 with a home run in the title game.  Rob Deer continued his hot hitting by fouling off two pitches in 5 plate appearances.

RSL Notes
Tripoli, Libya (CFN) - Tripoli continued its 11-year boycott of the RSL playoffs. Momar (sic) Quaddafhi (sic) continues to feel the Cigs have an unfair advantage by continuously having home playoff games for every game they play. Cigar manager Fidel Castro suggested Kadaffi (sic) should "grow some damn grass at Sand Stadium."

Gambling again wrecks the Mafia Division
Palermo (CFN)- For the 11th consecutive year the PDRK won every division game in the Mafia Division. Rumors persist that the United States Racketeers, Sicily Sopranos and Russian Roulette are consistently involved in point hsaving. However, since Gary "songbird" Coleman disappeared, no proof has come forward.