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2003 Forest Park Fireballs (Franchise Index2002 / 2004)
145-102-19, Finished 1st in Central Division
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Managed by G. Gordon Liddy
Owned by Doug Woodson
General Manager: Barry Goldwater
Colors: Red and Gold

Ballpark: Ferrara Pan Candy Field

Postseason:   Lost Semis to East Bay Executioners
Won 3rd place over Havana Cigars

Team Batting  
Player Salary Eligible
Johnson, Charles C COL 10 C
Konerko, Paul 1B CHW 10 1B
Castillo, Luis 2B FLA 10 2B
Ramirez, Aramis 3B CHC 10 3B
Valentin, Jose SS CHW 10 3B,SS
Gibbons, Jay RF BAL 10 1B,OF
Podsednik, Scott CF MIL 10 OF
Wilson, Preston CF COL 10 OF
Ordonez, Magglio RF CHW 10 OF
Damon, Johnny CF BOS 10 OF
Team Pitching
Player Salary Eligible
Myers, Brett SP PHI 10 SP
Peavy, Jake SP SD 10 SP
Vazquez, Javier SP MON 10 SP
Villone, Ron SP HOU 10 RP,SP
Zambrano, Carlos SP CHC 10 RP,SP
Biddle, Rocky RP MON 10 RP,SP
Kolb, Danny RP MIL 10 RP
Looper, Braden RP FLA 10 RP
Escobar, Kelvim SP TOR 10 RP,SP
Lawrence, Brian SP SD 10 SP
Morris, Matt SP STL 10 SP
Penny, Brad SP FLA 10 SP
TOTALS Active: 17, Reserve: 5, Active Salary: 170, Total Salary: 220
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