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2003 Hollywood Hookers (Franchise Index2004)
101-142-21, Finished 4th in Central Division
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Managed by Ron Jeremy
Owned by Rich Migliozzi
Executive VP Operations: Jason Priestly
General Manager: Angelina Jolie
Colors: Black and White

Ballpark: Nudie Bar

Postseason:   Won 1st round Pyrite Club over Philadelphia Swordfish
Won Pyrite Club Semis over Toledo Terror
Lost Pyrite Club finals to Philadelphia Swordfish
Team Batting  
Player Salary Eligible
Perez, Eddie C MIL 10 C
Giambi, Jason 1B NYY 10 1B
Anderson, Marlon 2B 10 2B
Belliard, Ron 2B COL 10 2B,3B
Tejada, Miguel SS OAK 10 SS
Crawford, Carl LF TB 10 OF
Matsui, Hideki LF NYY 10 OF
Williams, Bernie CF NYY 10 OF
Garcia, Karim RF NYY 10 OF
Matos, Luis CF BAL 10 OF
Guillen, Jose RF OAK 10 OF
Team Pitching
Player Salary Eligible
Figueroa, Nelson RP PIT 10 RP,SP
Harang, Aaron SP CIN 10 SP
Lima, Jose SP KC 10 SP
Loaiza, Esteban SP CHW 10 SP
Towers, Josh SP TOR 10 SP
Mesa, Jose RP PHI 10 RP
Mota, Guillermo RP LA 10 RP
Nelson, Jeff RP NYY 10 RP
Ortiz, Ramon SP ANA 10 SP
Suppan, Jeff SP BOS 10 SP
Marte, Damaso RP CHW 10 RP
TOTALS Active: 17, Reserve: 5, Active Salary: 170, Total Salary: 220
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