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2003 Toledo Terror (Franchise Index1990 / 2004)
129-117-18, Finished 2nd in Central Division
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Managed by Jamie Farr
Owned by Jeff Macedo
General Manager: Adam Dreyfus
Colors: Brown and Beige

Ballpark: Fifth Third Field

Postseason:   Lost 1st round to East Bay Executioners
Lost Pyrite Club Semis to Hollywood Hookers
Lost Pyrite Club 3rd place to Alexandria Aces

Team Batting  
Player Salary Eligible
Rodriguez, Ivan C FLA 10 C
Olerud, John 1B SEA 10 1B
Giles, Marcus 2B ATL 10 2B
Blake, Casey 3B CLE 10 1B,3B
Furcal, Rafael SS ATL 10 SS
Berkman, Lance LF HOU 10 OF
Everett, Carl CF CHW 10 OF
Stewart, Shannon LF MIN 10 OF
Young, Michael 2B TEX 10 2B,SS
Simon, Randall 1B CHC 10 1B
Wigginton, Ty 3B NYM 10 3B
Tucker, Michael RF KC 10 OF
Team Pitching
Player Salary Eligible
Brown, Kevin K. SP LA 10 SP
Halladay, Roy SP TOR 10 SP
Hampton, Mike SP ATL 10 SP
Ortiz, Russ SP ATL 10 SP
Trachsel, Steve SP NYM 10 SP
Dotel, Octavio RP HOU 10 RP
Gagne, Eric RP LA 10 RP
Hawkins, LaTroy RP MIN 10 RP
Kinney, Matt SP MIL 10 SP
Shields, Scot RP ANA 10 RP,SP
Koch, Billy RP CHW 10 RP
TOTALS Active: 17, Reserve: 5, Injured: 1, Active Salary: 170, Total Salary: 230
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