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Mannheim Steamrollers
Jack Moynihan and Tim Moynihan

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Date: 10/3

Mannheim Steamrollers
PlayerMLB10/310/410/510/610/710/810/9SalaryContractStatusPosEligibleOwn %Start %
Hernandez, Ramon C SDA@ARI      51ACC5741
Nevin, Phil 1B SDA@ARI      112A1B1B,OF9583
Boone, Bret 2B SEA Oct 01 Update: Boone to have laser eye surgeryATEX      112A2B2B9789
Koskie, Corey 3B MIN Oct 01 Update: Koskie knocks in three runsACLE      112A3B3B5528
Cabrera, Orlando SS BOSA@BAL      112ASSSS7865
Alou, Moises LF CHC Sep 29 Update: Alou pondering retirementAATL      112AOFOF9892
Ford, Lew CF MINACLE      51AOFOF8160
Ramirez, Manny LF BOS Oct 01 Update: Manny to get some weekend restA@BAL      112AOFOF9998
Martinez, Tino 1B TBA@DET      51AU1B3320
Podsednik, Scott CF MILA@STL      112AUOF8762
Graves, Danny RP CIN Strep throat: Might return this weekendAPIT      51APP8041
Hawkins, LaTroy RP CHC Sep 30 Update: Hawkins to remain Cubs closerAATL      51APP8068
Kazmir, Scott SP TBA@DET      51APP2613
Leiter, Al SP NYMAMON      112APP8361
Morris, Matt SP STL Oct 01 Update: Morris could start NLDS Game 1AMIL      112APP9369
Perez, Oliver SP PITA@CINvs Brandon Claussen      51APP9378
Youkilis, Kevin 3B BOSA@BAL      51RS3B3B71
Harvey, Ken DH KC Knee: Out for the seasonACHW      51RSU1B268
Burnett, A.J. SP FLA Elbow: Might return in early OctoberA@PHI      51RSPP7338
TOTALSActive: 16, Reserve: 3, Active Salary: 134, Total Salary: 149, Active Contract: 25, Total Contract: 28
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