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2005 Manhattan Muppets (Franchise Index2004 / 2006)
135-107-22, Finished 1st in WBL South Division
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Managed by Frank Oz
Owned by Statler and Waldorf
President: Kurt Vanderah
General Manager: Jim Henson
Color: Green

Ballpark: Sesame Stadium

Postseason:   Lost 1st round to East Bay Executioners
Lost 5th place game to Vancouver Couvees
Team Roster
PlayerSalaryContractOwn %Start %
Posada, Jorge C NYY1239890
Teixeira, Mark 1B TEX123100100
Soriano, Alfonso 2B TEX123100100
Wright, David 3B NYM629997
Jeter, Derek SS NYY12310098
Abreu, Bobby RF PHI12310099
Griffey, Ken CF CIN 819982
Rowand, Aaron CF CHW627557
Atkins, Garrett 3B COL615637
Capuano, Chris SP MIL519062
Clemens, Roger SP HOU 1019780
Harang, Aaron SP CIN516943
Maholm, Paul P PIT511612
Weaver, Jeff SP LA628150
Madson, Ryan RP PHI51129
Rodriguez, Francisco RP ANA1239587
Morneau, Justin 1B MIN628457
Hernandez, Livan SP WAS1019584
Cordero, Francisco RP TEX929282
Farnsworth, Kyle RP ATL515343
Eaton, Adam SP SD617333
Escobar, Kelvim SP ANA102192
Guzman, Joel SS LA5110
Active: 16, Reserve: 4, Injured: 2, Minors: 1, Active Salary: 134, 
Total Salary: 185, Active Contract: 31, Total Contract: 41
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