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2008 Manhattan Muppets (Franchise Index2007 / 2009)
0-0-0, Finished X in WBL South Division
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Managed by Frank Oz
Owned by Statler and Waldorf
President: Kurt Vanderah
General Manager: Jim Henson
Color: Green

Ballpark: Sesame Stadium


Bench Coach:  Phil "Scooter" Rizzuto
Pitching Coach: Grover Cleveland Alexander
Bullpen Coach: Bert Blyleven
Mascot: "Home Run Beaker"
Theme Song: "Muppet Show"
Radio & TV: No official deal but we do get the occasional Muppet News Flash
Special promotions: Human baby giveaway
Hitting Coach: Oscar Gamble
3rd Base Coach: Cookie Rojas
1st Base Coach: Ernie Banks
Team Trainer: Dr. Bunson Honeydew
Concessions: Swedish Chef meatballs, Cookie Monster Cookies (When Available)
Marketing Slogan: "It's time to get things started"
Traditions: Coaches boxes are actually trenches, uniforms made of felt, wins brought to you by the letter "W"
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