After checking into his room, Chong was called to a small meeting of dignitaries prior to dinner. Most of the delegates to the peace meetings had stayed including the representatives of the defeated countries.  The business of the meeting interrupted by the bomb, had been mostly introductory and ceremonial. Tomorrow the treaty would be signed after the remaining few disputes over wording had been hashed out.

Most of the terms of the treaty had been worked out beforehand in diplomatic conferences. Most all the remaining changes were small concessions to the defeated countries, who had not been invited to the diplomatic conferences. Minister Narang of Britain called a few principles to meet before dinner to discuss the one true point of negotiation, the term of the occupation.

“Ah, President Chong, thank you so much for coming on such short notice.  It’s been quite a day hasn’t it.  Please come in.”

Chong was impressed that Narang opened his own door. It was something Chong  would have done and worried that his effort at being modest would be misinterpreted as unsophisticated.

The leaders of France and Russia, China, Mexico, and Canada were in attendance.

“President Adams is on his way. He’s the last one we’re waiting for.  Can I get you a drink?” offered Narang.

Chong asked for a water, and to his great shock, Narang went off to fetch the drink himself.

“We have no servants here tonight Chong. This meeting is supposed to look as if it’s about the treaty but it is not,” said the French President. “While you have proved a great help in the bombing investigation, we already know who set the bomb and why. We’re meeting to determine an immediate course of action tonight.”

Chong tried to look nonplussed. “How can you be so sure?”

“Because the criminal left word with the heads of Europe and America. His name is John Ford.  He’s not a Fundy but he is a Terranist and he beleives the UMC should be removed form Earth at once.  He wants his victim to know everything about why he is dying.  He’s after you Mr. Chong.  He wants you dead.”