While the Worlds War engaged every single nation on Earth and the Moon, some were the primary movers.  Her are described the main national members of the sides of the war.

Fundamental Union of Nations (Fundys)
The Fundys believed they were inspired directly by guide to wipe the Earth of sinners and sinful ways.  They held no value for either their own lives or the lives of others. They had been considered terrorists or extremists in their areas of operation until they formed a worldwide union to set aside their differences and coordinate their efforts. What had been Islamic, Christian, or Jewish militaristic movements sometimes at each others throats, were brough together under one anner by Abraham G. Touareg at the council of Caracas. Touareg’s Fundamental Union party won control of the Venezuelan government then expanded his party’s control quickly around the world.

Venezuela – One of the brightest economic lights of the southern hemisphere before Fundy control, Venezuela became the central base of operations for Touareg and his party. Where Caracas had once been the financial capitol of South America, Touareg dismantled its economy and fed on its strength to make the Fundys strong. It is said that the economic success of Venezuela came to quickly for the country to cope, opening the way for Touareg to take control by appearing to bring the country back to basics. At its height, Venezuela controlled two-thirds of South America and claimed most of Central America as satellite states.

African Confederacy – Venezuela formed alliances quickly with more fundamentalist governemnts in Africa, and sooned formed a continent-wide confederacy to meet and discuss matters of world importance.  The African COnfederacy became a counterpoint to the UN where in Touareg’s words, “the moral nations of the world can meet unmolested by sinful ideas, in order to discuss how to bring God’s plan into being.” Odwale Mbeko rose to prominence as leadr of the Confederacy and Touareg’s puppet and right-hand man.

United Arabia – The tumultuous history of Arabia had seemed to finally be resolved with the formation of the United Arabian Government. However, Touareg’s funding caused the Fundys to take power there and start rolling back the clock, reinstituting fundamentalist laws and programs.

Israel – The shining example of the power of diplomacy fell when the Jewish arm of the Fundys took control and dismissed the Gnesset. Israel became partners with Touareg and United Arabia in a policy of repatriation and appropriate occupation, now known as The Purgings.

Fundamental States of America
An uprising in the midwest of Fundys secured several state governments and attempted to take over the Federal Governemnt of the US as well. The states were kicked out and a second civil war erupted.

Fundamental European Union
Scattered provincial governemtns fell to the Fundys throughout Europe, starting one of the most complicated theatres of war ever as two European Unions existed at once over essentially one territory with millions of fronts between many different sects and populations.  Europe was the scene of the bloodiest battlegrounds in the war. The F.E.U. based itself in Vatican City, holding the Pope as a hostage and mouthpiece for their work.

Alliance of Nations (Later Alliance of Worlds)
The Alliance grew slowly as Venezuela marched south into South America, and slowly converted Africa to their cause. American countries foremed the first Alliance begun by Mexico. Europe joined next, led by France and Russia. The entry of China was felt to be the key to turning the tide, but only the entry of the UMC put the Alliance on the road to victory.

As Venezuela began taking over its South American neighbors, Mexico declared war and attempted to free Brazil and other of its allies.

When Venezuela caused several Central American countries to invade southern Mexico, Canada joined the war.

United States of America
The rebellion of the midwestern states, moved the US into the war on Venezuela.  Mexico, Canada, and the US formed the first Alliance of Nations against the Fundys.

France, Britain, Russia (European Union)
The non-linear attacks and victories acrossed Europe caused some individual conuntries like Germany and Italy to become non-functional. France Britain and Russia are created with keeping the EU governemtn going during the war.

Touareg originally signed a peace treaty with China and kept them out of the war, until the African Confederacy began to move into southeast Asia. China declared war on Africa, and Venezuela declared this a violation of their treaty and sent tropps into China.

United Moon Colonies
The last nation to enter the war, along with the tiny independent Moon colony, Cana.  The UMC held a distinct tactical advantage, able to deploy troops from space anywhere they were needed.  The UMC forces were also fresh and easily supplied as the Fundys had little experience with space-based defense.  They knew enough to block Earth access but could not cope with UMC attacks from above. The great space elevators were expanded  and used to shuttle troops and supplies between key points on Earth and the Moon. The UMC involvement turned the tide of the war and led to Touareg’s death and the fall of the Fundys.