I haven’t got out of bed yet today. And yet I’ve learned quite a bit. Mostly I improved my solitaire playing ability. But I also pulled up MobileTwit and stumbled upon a fantastic piece by Clay Shirky as retweeted by Leo Laporte. The oversimplification is that sitcoms are to the technological revolution what gin was to the industrial revolution. The less oversimplified version is that we have plenty of time to make amazing things like wikipedia, because we can use time previously wasted on sitcoms. That and the idea that little kids expect everything, even the TV, to come with a mouse, rocked my woeldvieq a bit this morning.

Then I moved on down Twitter row and discovered viralblorg.org thanks to Mager.

Then I wrote this post.

All that without getting put of bed. And somewhere in all these facts, and the fact that I accessed them all from a device smaller than my hand, is a SciFi story that sells like hotcakes in 1955, and a signpost to the future.
All that without