The other day I referred to one of my laptops as “Starbuck” and the topic of naming your gadgets came up. I do it in the grand tradition of naming servers or printers or such, just to make it easy to know which device I’m talking about. I generally use my default “stuffed animal” names for mobile devices, and name computers after SciFi characters.

Do you name your gadgets? Tell me the names int he comments? Here are some of mine.

MacBook Pro (Unibody) – Martha Jones
Old MacBook Pro (Silver keyboard) – Lois
Old ThinkPad T42 – Starbuck
Dell Windows XP machine – HAL
iPod – BobPod
iPhone – FredPhone
iPad – JeffPad
Apple TV – Teeves (like Jeeves)
Slingbox – Sam

I don’t name things like the TiVo, PS3, Wii Xbox, etc… because they’re so easy to refer to anyway.