“Once there were 31 citadels strung out around the world like lights on a festival tree. They glowed with the enlightens of humanity. In those days there was no war. No crime. No want. It was more than a golden age, it was a perfect age.

“But humans are not good at perfection. And even though we achieved so much, we wanted more. We complained of stagnation and stasis, and the heretic movement was born and soon, the citadels fell. Torn down by those who stood to benefit most from their guidance.”

“On this episode of ‘Secrets of the Citadels’ we look at the ongoing excavation of the New York Citadel and how the discoveries there defy explanation.”

A man with a grey beard appeared on the screen.

“These are not magical items, but they undeniably prove that the science of the Delian age was farther advanced than we once suspected. I repeat it is not magic, but technology advanced enough that for us, it certainly seems magical.”

The narrator ‘s voice returned. “And we’ll speak with the staff of the Lunar Communications Office, and how their ongoing conversations with the survivors on the Moon may shed light on Delian artifacts.”

A younger man in a LCO uniform was shown.

“They have evolved their society independent of our own, with no heretic movement to destroy records. They’ve faced their own challenged up there and have lost much of course. But what they’ve preserved has been irretrievable until now.”

“It’s all coming up as we reveal the Secrets of the Citadels.”