Mr. Roberts made sure the two young men were on the elevator and well out of earshot.

“Who were those two dissolute young men again?”

“Oh Dick that’s your cousin Richard. The other one’s named Patch. Anthony I think if I remember right.”

“Oh yes yes yes I know Richard of course. I just mean to say I hardly recognise him. And I daresay I wouldn’t want them encouraging Gloria in her already straying ways if I thought it’d do a damned bit of good.”

“Why won’t you let her be.”

“I would if I thought she could pull herself out of it. But she’s become so distant and unattainable lately. I find it highly annoying.”

Well I expect those two were only here to see Gloria so I imagine we’ll see them again. They dson’t give up so easy ewhen they start nosing around after her.”

“No no no no they don’t my dear. But you know all her gallavanting leaves more time for us,” winked Mr. Roberts.

“True true my boo boo,” winked Mrs. Roberts back.

And they very composedly went hand in hand back into the back bedroom far far away from the door.