No East Meets West this week

As you may have noticed, we didn’t air EMW on TWiT’s network Sunday. PArtially this was because of the Independence Day weekend holiday, but also because TWiT is remodeling their studio.

There’s still a chance that Roger and I will jump on Skype and record an audio-only episode today. Even if we don’t though, we’ll be back to talk random sense next week.

No new episode this week?

Between a sick dog, family visits, crazy work schedules, adn more, we may be skipping the episode this week. Assume we wont ave one and maybe we’ll surprise you later on. We should be back next week though!

No new episode this week

BEtween getting Jango the dog’s ears cleaned out at the Vet, and Roger building the PC for Tekzilla, we just couldn’t get it together for a recording this week. We’ll be back the weekend of August 10th with a fresh episode though! Thanks for listening.