East Meets West 36

The gentlemen discuss posting to wikipedia, imdb, Snakes on a Plane, the blogosphere, Roger’s dating status and take listener comments. Cover art by Udayan T.EMW 36 cover art

Next EMW tomorrow

This time it’s Tom’s fault.  He battled a faucet installation Sunday and was wiped out.  He may or may not spare you details of the thrilling faucet war.

East Meets West 34

EMW 34Roger denies his pre-vertedness, insist he exists and tries to understand Cricket.  Tom also tries to understand Cricket, especially the scoring. They both get serious about the middle east.

Next EMW tomorrow

You know. originally we didn’t do this each and every week.  But Roger so hates to disappoint.  So we’re doing EMW tomorrow.  Today, he’s serving  fish in Modesto.