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January, 1994

Senate Backs Move for Freedom

23 January, 1994 by Tom Merritt
"Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of thought or its expression."

So runs the text of the latest ammendment to the constitution proposed by Senator Hank Brown of the BUdget Cmte. and Senator Robert C. Byrd of the Armed Services Committee.

"We're saying your registered with us,  you're our employee," said Senator Brown (R-Colorado).

"We have to say 'no' to all forms of discrmination," said Senator Byrd (D-West Virginia)

A coalition of Senators has formed to fillibuster even consideration of the ammendment.

They say the law would cause more government waste citing existing laws that they say protect freedom of thought well enough if they would only be enforced.

The state assemblies would have to approve the measure as well.

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1993 Year in Review: Nothing Happened!

23 January, 1994 by Tom Merritt
(Greenville, IL) That's right despite the lies perpetrated by the liberal media, nothing happened in 1993.  Halfway through the year the media realized that the do nothing Democrats were bringing this country to a grinding halt, so they got together to stage some dramatic "disasters."

Floods in the midwest, drought in the south, fires in California.  Earlier in the year a slight snowfall in Washington was turned into "a blizzard" thanks to snow blowers and camera effects.

Think about it the next time you read a year in review column in People Magazine.

Did any of the stuff they say happened, happen to you?  Of course not.  Once again the world had a passionless and dangerously uneventful year.

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Pope Decrees "God Is Dead"

23 January, 1994 by Mark Mauer
(Rome) In what has been a busy few months for the Roman Catholic Church, Pope John Paul II today took matters a step farther by declaring that God is dead and all life is meaningless.

He was scheduled to give a mass at dawn, but did not appear until afternoon, and then looked haggard and was wearing dark glasses.

Dressed entirely in black, the Holy Father made his shocking announcement to the devoted.

"Go home and wait until you turn to dust."

Vatican spokesmen speculated that the action stemmed from reading Sartre (St. Sartre).

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