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 Microsoft\Vatican To Merge

Gates To Become Next Pope

Tue, 4 August 1998 10:51:23 GMT Story from SBN / Tyrone Dye <AKA Tyedye> 
Copyright 1998 bySuBBrilliant News

VATICAN CITY, 4-AUG-1998 (SBN) - Microsoft stock soared after yesterdays announcement that they will merge with The Vatican, the software giant's biggest gain since their successful hostile takeover of the US Justice Department last year (See SuBBrilliant News, 21 October, 1997). Some financial and religious analysts were predicting that Bill Gates would buy out God himself, pressuring computer consumers and all Christians, Jews and Muslims to use Microsoft Products as a prerequisite for their salvation. But by merging only with the Catholic Church, Microsoft has shrewdly evaded international anti-trust violations.

Pope John Paul II, proudly adorned in his new skullcap emblazoned with the Windows (TM) Logo, informed the masses gathered within Vatican City that he is pleased with the deal, which he expects will attract millions of young, spiritually unfulfilled computer users around the world to The Church.

The Holy See emphasized that the merger had God's full endorsement, and that traditional Catholics who contested or criticized the decision would face immediate Ex-communication.

According to Sexual Offender Registration rolls, the number of practicing priests is at an all time low - and tithing has dropped dramatically - motivating The Church to make the move. The Vatican has been in desperate need of operating capital to recruit more priests and parishioners, with most of their billions of dollars in assets existing in non liquid forms such as art and real estate.

As a codicil to the deal, Gates will be named Pontiff after the demise of John Paul II, or when Windows (TM) 2000 is released, whichever comes first. His first official act is expected to be an edict changing the first commandment from "Thou shalt have no other Gods before me" to "thou shalt have no other operating systems before Windows (TM)." Added Gates, "That commandment has always been rather redundant anyway."

Pope Elect Gates has proposed Electronic Mass, soon to be incorporated into all Microsoft Web Browsers, where Catholics can take Holy Communion via the Internet, never leaving the comfort of their homes or pajamas during Sunday morning football games. Preached Gates, "Tithing will be done on-line by Debit or Credit Card, and with our new Secure Smart Browsers that will be incorporated into Windows (TM) '99 and beyond, a portion of the donation will automatically be deducted from the cost of your next Windows (TM) upgrade and applied to your Electronic 1040 Tax Return ."

"The Vatican and Catholic Church needed upgrading badly", said Gates, "what better Holy Men (and women) to lead us into the new millennium than Microsoft Executives and Programmers?" Gates added that he always wanted to own his own country, and the Vatican was the only one for sale.

Said Sidhartha Glaucoma, Professor of Economic Theology at the Sally Struthers Home Correspondence School, "This merger is a win win situation for everyone. We can expect the religious economy worldwide to improve tenfold. Now if only Donald Trump or Ted Turner would buy Jerusalem, corporate religion could set a positive precedent for years to come." 

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Governor Raciot Calls for Ban on Montana Jokes

Bell Atlantic  Will Possibly Purchase 'Big Sky' State

Wed., 5 August 1998 00:10:26 GMT Story from NewsRush /  Christian Cantrell 
Copyright 1998 bySuBBrilliant News

MISSOULA, 5-AUG-1998 (NewsRush) Montana Governor Marc Raciot has asked congress to expedite the passing of a bill which would make the private or public telling of Montana jokes a federal offence punishable by public televised stoning.

Raciot calls the jokes which have been circulating on the Internet and late night television circuit "nothing short of slanderous." "People need to realize that states have rights, reputations and feelings, too."

Raciot's plea comes in the wake of yet another tragic incident involving a crazy Montanan. In an impromptu speech on a street corner not far from the Capitol yesterday, an irate Raciot pointed out to a gathering crowd that suspected gunman Russell Eugene Weston Jr. "simply suffered from paranoid schizophrenia," though experts are now saying that the diagnosis was made before it was learned where Weston had been living.

The American Psychological Association reacted to news of the shooting by forming a committee to decide whether the Diagnostic Statistical Manuel of Mental Disorders should be amended to include the Northwestern state. Raciot maintains that connections between gunman, bombers and various militant groups and his beloved home are "purely coincidental" and has dismissed rumors that Timothy McVeigh spent some time in Helena as "probably not true."

Though authorities are at a loss to explain the connection between crazies and Montana as well, they now believe suspected abortion clinic bomber Eric Robert Rudolph is heading toward Billings.

"The number of people who the Secret Service and FBI consider dangerous or potentially dangerous are almost exactly the same for the state of Montana as they are for New York City," Raciot announced. "But how come no one's reporting that?" Raciot did not mention that the population of New York City is over eight and a half times that of the entire state of Montana.

Illinois governor Jim Edgar, fearing that a ban on Montana jokes could concentrate ridicule on his own state, is seeking similar legislation. Communication giant Bell Atlantic has proposed a solution to both the distasteful humor and inordinate number of crazy people by offering to buy Montana for US$52 billion and then develop it into a thriving and bustling metropolis.

"We feel like the more people we can cram in there, the less room there is for socially unacceptable behavior," said a Spokesperson for the telephone giant.

In response to concerns that the proposed development would ruin one of the few remaining untouched ecosystems left in the country, James Earl Jones said that they had no intention of developing the entire state. "We see Yellowstone as the new Central Park of the west," he said. Montanans who have made the vast expanses of land their homes for generations say they are ready for a change.

Vice President Al Gore warned Bell Atlantic board members that their planned purchase of Montana is sure to run into regulatory difficulties. "If [Bell Atlantic] were to buy Montana, that would mean they would control the huge majority of unsound American minds," Gore said with a straight face, then laughed uproariously at his quip.

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Mon,  10 August 1998 22:15:24 GMT Story from NewsHash / Christian Cantrell 
Copyright 1998 by SuBBrilliant News

WASHINGTON 10-AUG-1998 (NewsHash) The news was not all good last week, especially for president Clinton. The moment the Supreme Court made its final ruling that executive privilege does not give a president unfettered access to interns, political advisors, friends, and the president’s wife all urged Clinton to appear before the American people and offer a full confession of his alleged affair with Monica Lewinsky. Pope John Paul II e-mailed the president from The Vatican offering his personal “Presidential Platinum Plan” which he guaranteed would do the president’s soul a world of good, though he expressed fears that, at this point, not even God could salvage either the presidency or the president’s reputation. Clinton did not reply to the Pope’s e-mail and initially showed no signs of a willingness to confess anything. In fact, so seemingly unconcerned was the president that he spent last weekend at a fund raiser in the Hampton where, among other celebrities, he met with film director Steven Spielberg to go over scripts for “Starr’s List” and “Saving President Clinton” on which it is rumored Spielberg will collaborate with Oliver Stone.

Following Lewinsky’s testimony on Thursday, however, during which the former intern admitted to having numerous though unsatisfactory sexual encounters with the president, Clinton apparently began to reconsider a confession. According to the president’s carnal advisers, one possible approach, which they say has proven itself in the past, would be to admit to having intercourse but deny ejaculation. According to White House sources, the president seemed open to the idea, though before the administration’s new legal writer, John Grisham, could draft a final statement, matters were further complicated when Starr had the president’s personal computer confiscated and discovered that www.jennicam.com was book marked in the web browser. Though clearly a setback for the president’s defense team, the new allegations were certainly not wasted on Bill Gates who, less than 24 hours later, announced that the new version of Internet explorer, scheduled to be released just in time for the 2000 election, will feature impenetrable bookmark security.

That evening, the president is said to have discussed the possibility of impeachment for the first time with long-time friend Paul Reubens (Pee-wee Herman). According to Reubens, Clinton did not appear completely opposed to the idea of an early retirement. “He knows he has already made history,” Reubens told NewsHash, “which is really all he set out to do.”

Any financial concerns the president may have been harboring were allayed on Wednesday when he was informed of a generous endorsement opportunity for the company which manufactures StainStik. According to the people at the FBI who read the president’s mail, Clinton’s obvious enthusiasm for working with young people may also prove profitable as the White House has already received over three dozen letters of appointment from academia, though over half of them are from fraternities. “Considering the circumstances, Bill is amazingly optimistic,” Reubens said. “He’s talking about taking advantage of low interest rates and buying out in Salt Lake.”

But just when it appeared that Clinton had fully resigned himself to peaceful capitulation, the president’s legal team scored their first major hit against Starr when a federal judge ordered an investigation into the possibility that the independent counsel’s firm leaked confidential information to the media. The accusations came after Rush Limbough published a column in the weekly journal “Presidential Prick” accusing the president of preferring “tighty whities” over boxers. Starr denied any wrongdoing, claiming that “any number of people have access to that kind of information.”

Oklahoma dentist Donald C. Johnson is at large after his staff ransacked his office on Thursday and turned up 148 photographs depicting him engaged in sexual acts with young anesthetized patients. Johnson, who was in Colorado at the time of the discovery and has apparently decided to extend his vacation indefinitely, has been communicating to the media through a sympathetic hygienist. He claims that some of the photographs are simply misread X-rays while others were well-intended pranks he created with a scanner and Adobe’s PhotoDeluxe. Johnson has specified a Holiday Inn address where he has asked Tulsa District Attorney Chuck Richardson to send the photographs so that he may look through them again to help him recall any details which he hopes will allow him to cooperate more fully in the investigation. Police will pick him up in his hotel room as soon as they get a free moment.
  C.J. “Stallion” Parish, a born-and-bred Montanan, has claimed that he is responsible for Friday’s east African embassy bombings. When questioned by officials at the State Department, however, Parish proved unable to locate either Tanzania or Kenya on a map. “We gave him nearly four hours to think it over,” said an official present at the interrogation, “and finally he just guessed Brazil and Papua New Guinea.” Parish is no long a suspect in the attacks.
  This week’s Fishing Poll shows that 91% of American males hate it when a woman they are admiring turns out to be a man. 5% say they are unaffected by the mistake, %2 say they think it’s funny, and 2% of the men surveyed were blind.
  Continuing with news from the east, Japan has elected a new prime minister, though NewsHash did not bother to learn his name since he is expected to resign and commit suicide sometime this fall amid either sexual or financial allegations.
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