Subbrilliant University ®

A Project of The Subbrilliant Foundation

The Subbrilliant University is underwritten through a grant from the Subbrilliant Foundation. The University operates over the internet and research campuses in California, Arizona, Texas and Scotland. It contributes to a peer-reviewed journal, Sagax Research Quarterly, and contributes to the SuBBrilliant News.  For more information on studies contact

Departmental Listings with some sample works from Sagax Research Quarterly:

Department of Ethnomathematics

Parker, Dr. Emilia "Armorica Exported: Celtic Variances in France and North America and the effect
of Germanic influence over scalar time," Sagax Research Quarterly, 35, pp 67-8.

Department of Preternatural History

Department of Anthroengineering

Department of Medicine

Department of Communications

Department of History