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The following Title classes are available from the National American Title Board. Any particular title may or may not be available depending on the conditions of your claim.

Man-at-Arms or Lady-in-Waiting 
Generally granted by a noble in recognition for good service. Allows the bearer the right of arms, livery and attendance at court.  Certification may include a letter and certificate. Not hereditary. 
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Knight - Dame
Another Title requiring attachment to a noble's retinue.  The Title is generally conferred by nobles to recognize great deeds or invaluable contribution.  Must be accompanied by a noble's assent or at least subscription to an existing Order of Knights or dames. Not hereditary. May be addressed as Sir or Dame.
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Lord (Baronet) - Lady
A Lord is born or created by royalty. A Lord commands a region of no smaller than 10 acres or no less than 50 of name. Along with normal certificate papers, the Lord or Lady may receive a Robe of State and the right to display coat of arms. May be addressed as Sir or Lady and and add Baronet or Bt. after surname.
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Earl (Count) - Countess
Viscount - Viscountess
Baron - Baroness
Sometimes territorial, sometimes taken from the family name and sometimes from other sources entirely.  These ranks may be created by royalty but are generally conferred by intrinsic right. Must identify with land larger than 20 acres.  May recieve ceremonial arms and the right to display coat of arms. May be addressed as Lord and Lady.
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Marquis (Marquess) - Marchioness
Most often conferred by Vox Populi or Deed, this Title usually requires identification with land of any size.  May receive a basic letter, certificate and boon, and the right of dominion over the Titular Lands. May be addressed as My Lord and My Lady.
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Duke - Duchess
The first order of royalty, lacking only the right of conferrance.  The Duke must be identified with a Dukedom, including command of large regions and a happy people.   Duke's may receive investiture papers, Robes of State, Arms, right to coat of arms and a small Treasury. May be addressed as Your Grace.
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Prince - Princess
Often carried by heirs of Kings or Queens.  When held independently, implies rule over a principality and some small demonstration of divine right.   In addition to the rights and privileges of Dukedom, this Title also may recive Holy Writ, Right of Proclamation and a small reliquary. May be addressed as Your Royal Highness.
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King - Queen
Generally chosen by Divine Right or Vox Populi this title confers absolute rule of ceremonial functions over a defined area.  Kings and queens receive many rights and privileges.  Inquire further for details. May be addressed as Your Majesty.
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High King - High Queen
Proven by right of deed in almost all cases, the High Queen or King rules in state over all other royalty.   All rights imaginable including carriage are secured to the High Queen or King. May be addressed as Your Royal Majesty.
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