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A Title from the National American Title Board Grants the Following
  • Recording, Authentication & Verification by the NATB.  This allows the title holder to verify the title through the NATB.
  • Heritage service.  The NATB will administer & maintain the title for the holder's family for as long as the title is active. Providing 3rd party arbitration in cases of heritable dispute.
  • Lineage Service. The NATB will chronicle the titles lineage for as long as the title is active.
  • Certification. The Title Holder may receive papers certifying any rights & privileges of the antient title and the holder's authentic claim to the title.
  • Titles are active as long as the Title Holder lives or passes on the title.  The title can be passed on at any time at the discretion of the original holder. (Some titles allow heir apparents to share in the title even before it is passed on) A title can be made inactive at the request of the Title Holder. 
    How do I buy a title?
    You cannot.  Titles are conferred not bought. The National American Title Board accepts no money or goods in exchange for titles.

    Antient Right or Privilege - A claimant may prove a right to the title through heritage, vox populi, deed or conferrance. 

        1. Heritage asserts the right to the title by lineage. 
        2. Vox populi is the choosing of the title for a personage through the overwhelming demand of the people. 
        3. Deed, is the conferrance of the title in recognition for heroic or other exploit. 
        4. Conferrance is the receipt of title by grant from a sufficient rank (e.g. King or Queen) For a partial List of Title Holders, See our Register

      What Titles are Available for claim through the NATB?
      There are many. See our page of Title Availability

    You may assert your claim by mail or through electronic notification.  Please see our page concerning claims.

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