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  • Matt S

    The IT Crowd is supposed to be back in early 2007 from what I’ve read on the Channel 4 forums. And season 1 will be out on DVD (in the UK) on November 13th and is available from Amazon.co.uk

  • John

    Dear Tom & Roger
    I really enjoy the discussions the two of you have every week. You two make every topic interesting.
    With regard to the recent episode, (261) I must disagree with Roger and his view of collecting digital vs physical. There are some key differences between having a digital collection and a physical collection. Digital collections become obsolete. For example, about 20 years ago, I was digging around my closet and found a stash of hockey cards from the late 1980’s. I had set them aside all those years ago and forgotten about them. Prospectors had inflated the value of collectors cards and I was able to sell some of the cards for a bit of a profit. I still have a majority of that collection in a box at home. On the other hand, my digital collection of programs et al were inaccessible due to the advancement of technology. My 10 year old c-64 files were on obsolete and degrading media which I was unable to get to and enjoy. I guess the best way to differentiate the two is to ask yourself, if your grandfather was to pass on his collection of rare coins to you, which format would you prefer it be in. 
    Thank you


  • Jack Dennahower

    This is a very well laid out site. The one exception, in my opinion, is that it took me a bit of time to find this section so that I could comment.
    Keep up the good work. I enjoy listening to “East Meets West” as it sparks my thought processes, as well as giving me a laugh.
    Jack Dennahower

  • Anonymous

    I love you guys.

  • Van Whitehurst

    I have to respond to Rodger’s throw away comment about food being a low capital investment.  Ask anyone in commercial farming (not someone growing tomatoes on their balcony) and the investment is quite intensive. While I am at it I will weigh in on farming subsidies.  As a cattle rancher most in my industry would favor a abolition of subsidies as they favor corn and soybean growers.  The common misconception that they keep corn prices cheep is a misconception.  The subsidies keep the prices at a stable rate, without them many people would leave the business in down market cycles and allow huge price spikes when the supply got low. (don’t read this on air,  I  can make well formed arguments when not on my 4 glass of Makers Mark but I will not comment on a message board so you are left with sloppy syntax)

  • Maui Mark

    Aloha guys!
    Thanks for all the great shows.
    I nominated you for the PodCast Awards.  Click here for the link.
    I encourage all to nominate you!!!  BTW:  Read the Rules.

  • Maui Mark

    Sorry here is the link path.  http://podcastawards.com

  • Rolando

    Tom, I have a point of order.  Several times you’ve commented that HW Bush lost to Clinton because of a poor economy.  The reason he lost is that Ross Perot mounted a strong 3rd party vote with virtually all coming from what would normally be Bush votes.  The economy didn’t help Bush, but it didn’t cost him the election.  If you will remember, Clinton only got a plurality of the vote.  Maybe the only President?

  • Rolando

    Did you ever decide to broadcast your Google+ hangout?  And if so, will you Twitter the time?  I miss catching it on Sundays on TWIT, but have subscribed on iTunes.  Would be nice to be able to catch live again.

  • Thurman J.

    Re: Episode 277 (2/8)

    Response to Lou Hayes:Go to a different school. Yes you do need to take some general class but most of your classes should be in your major. Yes it is about money but also because some students don’t know how to read but they graduated high school.I live in new york and went to Cuny/Bourogh of manhatan community college (BMCC). Since its a city school it cost less than $2000. But the problem is that the adverage time to graduate with a 2 years degree is 6 years. :( Most of the students have to take so many remedial classes that they take years before they take the first class that will count. I’m now at Cuny/City Tech ($2700) Not really a better school but its 4 years.Really consider going back to school seriously. It might not get you a better job:17 Million Americans Are Over-Qualified for Their Jobs:http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/answer-sheet/post/college-admissions-how-diversity-factors-in/2012/02/20/gIQAs0BHSR_blog.htmlFinally my motto has always been “School 

  • Fdaniels

    I nominate September 8th as  Red Shirt Day. The date Star Trek premiered on tv.

  •  Agreed, I was just about to suggest that very date. Certainly makes sense to me.

  • Whoops, meant to include this link. Has some great data regarding red shirt deaths versus other shirts.

  • Hey guys, love the Show! Been listening since the beginning! Thought you two might like this shirt, designed by a friend of a friend for a Threadless.com t-shirt contest. His theme was East Meets West!


  • twocrowsdown

    Look forward to each episode

  • Hi Tom and Roger. Regarding the latest episode and Punkin’ Chunkin’.. this has always been the name of the event. It started in Lewes, (pronounce both syllables… it’s not “Looz”), Delaware with a few local guys at a Blacksmith shop, including the owner. They were big on bragging rights. Throwing anvils for distance was a bit tiring after a bit (and maybe dangerous) so they began throwing pumpkins, it being just after Halloween. One thing led to another, and claims were made that each of them could build a machine that could “chunk” (local color meaning the same as you do when you say “chuck”, although I take small exception to that particular term :) ) a pumpkin farther than the rest. Rules were made, distances were claimed, and they set about creating their “chunkers”. What started as friendly competition for bragging rights became a full blown event every year the weekend following Thanksgiving. It grew so much, in fact, folks from all over the country show up each year with their machines to claim the trophy and the bragging rights. This year was the first year the event did not happen due to problems with the venue. Rest assured it will be back in full swing next year though. Each year for the past several Discovery covers the event. Pretty cool stuff for our little corner of the world. Thought you may be interesting in the story from someone who grew up in the town and time it was born. Love the show whenever it airs.