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World Council fact sheet

Six distinct international organizations existed at the time of the Hot War. All were subordinate to the World Council. Here are their stated purposes and memberships.

World Council
Representative from all major organizations met here to resolve major disputes between factions. Originally the council had three UE members and three FE members. That membership changed as FE broke up. A sample membership from the last years is listed here with the seat they represented.
Texas (Free Earth)
Islamistan (PAC)
Albania (Independent)
Africa (United Earth)
South America (United Earth)
Pacifica (United Earth)

United Earth
An organization of most of the nations of the world, organized under continental governments. Originally meant to unite all planetary governments into one system.
Membership is detailed in the United Earth fact sheet.

Free Earth
Set up by nations who resisted the United Earth project. The PAC countries were originally members but split off after disputes.
KN (Kalaallit Nunaat)
New Texas (lunar colony)

Pan-Arabian Sea Council
A group of nations who left Free Earth ostensibly over trade disputes.

United Nations
The original world council by this time had been devolved as an organization dealing with strictly humanitarian efforts like disease. It also governed space exploration until Texas launched its own lunar colony at which time UE took its space program.
United Earth
Antarctic Conference
Luna City
Free Earth

United Nations – Mecca or UN-M
A rather non-influential shadow UN set up by FE nations in the early days and rejuvenated when PAC left FE.
Texas (FE)
Kamchatka (FE)
Sakha (FE)
Albania (Independent)
India (PAC)
Islamistan (PAC)
Bangladesh (PAC)
Chechnya (PAC)
Switzerland (Independent)

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