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Boiling Point is a novel I wrote in the 1990s, revised in early 2000s and self-published in 2006. You can read it in the following ways:

This website is dedicated to the world I created before writing the book “Boiling Point”. Here you’ll find background histories, maps, lists of countries and events and other information.

What is all this ‘United Earth’ crap? That’s not in Boiling Point!
Yes. Spot on. It’s not. But the back story for Boiling Point was a rambling history that went from the breakup of the US, on into the consolidation of the surviving countries, the coming together of continental unions, followed by an attempt at world government. It’s an exploration of how that might come about and what some of the complications might be. One of the complications turns about to be Global Thermonuclear War. But that’s bound to happen right?

OK, what do I do with this site?
Well at the very leat I hope you enjoy poking around and reading what I’ve imagined. If nothing else some of the flags ought to make you laugh a bit.

My ultimate hope though, is that people will get involved. Make some comments. Point out flaws and inconsistencies. I want to make the story more enjoyable. Are you good at drawing maps? Because I am patently not. Any community help is more than welcome.

But I’m also experimenting with a new kind of storytelling. Not just a linear story like in a novel. This is a whole universe. Go with it! Feel free to take this material and remix, recreate, tweak and otherwise extend it. Wanna make an RPG?  A video game? Write your own stories? All I ask is that you give credit to my source material, and issue your works under the same terms as mine.

Creative Commons License
Boiling Point Universe by Tom Merritt is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

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