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California RepublicRepublic of California
Government: Bicameral legislature with governor
Capital: Los Angeles
Provinces: California, Desert
Protectorate: Sovereign Nation of Native Americans (U.N.A.)

Bluegrass Mountain Republic

Flag of the Bluegrass Mountain RepublicGovernment: Strong Presidency, Unicameral Legislature
Capital: Memphis
States: Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia


The flag of the Colorado Republic at the time of the Peace of VancouverColorado Republic
Government: Congress of Delegates, President of Congress as executive answerable to a Governors Council (4 members)
Capital: Denver
Regions: Rockies, Kansas, Nebraska, Dakota


The flag of the Southern States of America at the time of the Peace of VancouverConfederation of the Southern States of America
Government: Bicameral legislature with strong President.
Capital: Jacksonville
States: Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi


The flag of the Soveriegn State of FloridaSovereign State of Florida
Member state of the Carribean Alliance
Government: Strong president (dictatorship), Unicameral Parliament
Capital: Miami

Aryan Nation

United Nation of Aryan Peoples
Government: Unknown (Military Dictatorship?)


The flag of the Montana Nations at the time of the peace of Vancouver.Republic of Montana and Kalispell Nation
Government: Bicameral Legislature (House of Representatives and Council of Governors)
Capital: Missoula
States: Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Kalispell Nation

Mormon Nation

The Mormon Nation of Utah and Associated Territories
Government: Theocratic republic
Capital: Salt Lake City

New York-New England Alliance

Government: Council of Secretaries
Capital: New York City
-New York
United States of New York and New Jersey
Capital: New York City
Bicameral Legislature with Governor and cabinet
-New England
United States of New England
Capital: Boston
Bicameral Legislature of Deputies with Presiding Governor
States: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont
*The alliance claims it has not seceded from US, but has set up practical self-government as a temporary measure.


Sovereign USA State of Oregon
Government: Bicameral Legislature with Governor
Capital: Portland


Alliance of Ozark Peoples
Government: House of Delegates
Capital: Little Rock

Sioux Nation

Lakota Nation
Government: Council of Elders
Capital: Oglala


Republic of Texas
Government: Bicameral Legislature with President
Capital: Austin
Protectorate: Apache Nation


The flag of the States of America as led by Pennsylvania at the Peace of VancouverStates of America
Government: Bicameral Legislature with President
Capital: Philadelphia
States: Ohio, Alleghany, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Tuscarora, Erie, Appalachia, York


United Midwestern States
Government: Unicameral House of Representatives with President
Capital: St. Louis
States: Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio


United Cities of Chicago and Detroit
Government: Joint Board of Aldermen with independent Mayors.


United States of America
Government: Bicameral Legislature with President
Capital: Washington, Columbia
States: Maryland, Columbia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina

Full Map: This map is an approximation of borders meant as a guide to the new nations rather than a perfectly accurate representation. For instance, two country names are inaccurate. The CSA had already adjusted it’s name to the SSA by the time of the peace of Vancouver. Also the colloquial Sioux Nation is used rather than the accurate and official Lakota Nation.

Peace of Vancouver Map

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