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Boiling Point blog

This is a site dedicated to the world I created before writing the book “Boiling Point”. Here you’ll find background histories, maps, lists of countries and events and other information.

My hope is that people will feel free to take this material and remix, recreate, tweak and otherwise extend it. Wanna make an RPG?  A video game? Write your own stories? All I ask is that you give credit to my source material, and issue your works under the same terms as mine.

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  1. I recently began creating my own novel, of sorts. I won’t be looking to publish it in a traditional sense. Instead, I’m hoping to borrow from the webcomic model and give it away for free on the internet.

    The difficulty I have been having is just getting started. I find a lot of my time has just been spent on creating the world in which the story is set, back story for the characters, and even the map of the world.

    So, I would just like to say thank you for posting all of this. It is really helping me along just to see some of the things another writer has gone through while creating a story. Perhaps I can even work in an allusion to Boiling Point in my own story somehow.

    Thank you!


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