East Meets West 339 – We’re 10 Years Old!

EMWgeneric210 years ago we started this show, then we talked about food. Today we start by talking about food, using apps to order food, Moon Pies, Back to the Future, fiction affecting reality, the computer market of the 1980s, the music player of the 2000s, The Player with Tim Robbins, and back to Back to the Future. Our memories of 2005.


East Meets West 335 – Sine Wave

Tom’s dog barks and some people eat dogs, power dynamics and culture, race and the danger of getting lost in the minutiae, what is racism, classism vs. racism, is prejudice being reduced over time?

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East Meets West 334 – Travelin’ Man

Road trips with a baby, the witching hour of a baby, why we need a teleportation device, why air travel has become frustrating, the oddity of US territories, the FIFA corruption scandal, conspiracy theories, secret trade treaties, the lack of new travel bodes ill.

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East Meets West 331 – Extreme reactions

Roger’s a Dad. Repeat. Roger’s a Dad. Why your baby’s crying is like the lottery. Why baby’s are like skydiving. A little about why we laugh. How humans can get better at estimating chances. Do cities make you literally crazy? Why do we live in cities anyway?

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