East Meets West 25

From the heart of San Francisco, Roger and Tom bare their hearts, define decades, go over Remy’s excellent analysis of nomenclature for time periods, and research Eagle Stamps, Grit, and suggest a bold new program for encouraging citizen activism.

East Meets West 23

We’re back and this time it’s shorter but we’ll make it up to you. It’s an all comment edition with lots of speculation about Star Trek, transportation and the fate of humanity’s utopian dreams. Sorry for the delay!

EMW 22 Delayed

Sorry for the delay here.  Roger was celebrating with his Mother, and the database at my webhost was down (grrrrr).  So we hope to record tonight.

East Meets West 21

EMW turns 21 and inroduces a new blog dedicated just to East meets West.  Roger and Tom celebrate by eating Buffalo and drinking adult beverages. They also discuss Roger’s reasons for getting an old Xbox instead of a 360 as well as the origins of humanity and Barry Bonds star-crossed chase of the home run record.

New East Meets West Blog

As East Meets West grows and grows we’ve decided to split it off form the SuBBrilliant Blog and give it it’s own dedicated blog. Not to worry though! Same great commentary. Same great podcast, even the same Feedburner feed. Just a new URL.