• joelfreak

    Tom, I love your ability to ride the middle, but I think you aren’t able to see where we are now. We are now divided, and we see what is clearly racism and bias taking rise. We have people who are paid the exact same as they were 20 years ago seeing costs rise, and looking for something or someone to blame, and this administration gives them that. As per housing pricing, 2 things. First, nothing says you need to own a home, that is something that you should think about why you feel drawn to home ownership. Adam Ruins Everything did a show on this, and there has been other research as well, there really is no real reason why ‘The American Dream’ needs to be that everyone needs to own a home. Renting has no stigma, and allows people to move to where jobs are, and have more free income. As per why housing pricing is so high, look at the Bay as a good example of a place where jobs and money are, and the amount of property suitable for housing within a reasonable distance of those jobs is very limited. This makes the cost of housing go up. Things like AirB&B don’t help either, as people can basically run hotels in residential areas, further limiting the amount of valuable housing. What we need is alot more affordable housing, or we will find that as people age out of their homes, there is no one that can afford to move in to refresh the tax base. This is what we are seeing in some areas of the NorthEast.