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Avail yourself of SuBBrilliant News Editor Ace Dtect's British collection. To buy a book, just click on the title and let Amazon handle the transaction safely and securely.

Caesar's Invasion of Britain

by Peter Berresford Ellis
A fabulous examination of Caesar's invasion from the Celtic viewpoint. Wonderful Photos & rich Celtic background.
Availability: usually ships within 4-6 weeks. Paperback (October 1996) - 144 pages

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History of Wales

by John Davies
Originally written in Welsh. The only comprehensive History of Wales available today.
Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours.
Paperback - 718 pages reprint (March 1995)

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The Coming of Rome

by John Wacher
An Histor-Archaeological study of the state of Britain before the conquest.
Out of Print. Searchable.
Hardback - 193 Pages (1979)

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Arthur's Britain
by Leslie Alcock
A remarkable assembly of facts & discoveries painting a picture of Britain between 440 & 700 AD This book is available by special order. Click here to purchase.
Henry V and the Invasion of France
by E. F. Jacob
An account as touching France & her quarrels with King Henry of England in the late 14th & early 15th centuries.Click here to buy.

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An Ecclesiastical History of the English People
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Anglo-Saxon Chronicle
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History of the Kings of Britain
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Celtic Britain
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