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Dec 6th, 2009 Comments: 7

East Meets West 184: We fix the world

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We welcome the Turpster on the show to talk about the evils of networks delaying shows from overseas, the need to revive the meme of the ‘evil twin’, and how to end all the world’s problems.

Get the episode here: http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/www.archive.org/download/EastMeetsWest184WeFixTheWorld/eastmeetswest184.mp3

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  • Any reason why this episode was recorded in 320kbps? 320kbps? 96kbps is more usual, but 64kbps would do very well for a podcast…

  • I've been actually considering getting a Slingbox to install at my parents place in Brazil so I can watch some Brazilian shows (specially sports) while in Canada.

    Has any of you guys tried it out? How much upload speed would you need for that?

  • Always enjoy the show but this time had me laughing the entire time.


  • techpriest

    Just thought i'd take this opportunity to help end the weird myth that circulates in america that British Dental care is awful, and all the British have poor teeth.


    it's a strange myth, because even my best american friends seem to believe it. But as the graph shows, America's dental care is middling amongst children (for tooth decay, the case study in question), whereas British (childrens) teeth are the healthiest on EARTH! With America theoretically worse than Britain, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, Ireland, Australia,Italy & France.

    I think the myth persists because Dentistry was the one of few healthcare sectors not nationalised after the war and folded into the NHS, so still involves out-of-pocket payments. However, many people get care “through” the NHS, which still picks up a large tab and heavily subsidies care (a $600 filling, in the real world, is subsidised down to $20-50 through the NHS).

    Mythbusting Complete! NEEEEXT! :P


  • Actually, I imagine the myth continues because of that blasted early Simpson's episode. Remember the dentist with the “Big Book of English Teeth” or something like that?

    So there we have it; the Simpson's, once again helping uneducate the world's population.

    On another note, I was thinking the other day what were the most popular sports in the world? I know the Yanks love to believe it's one of their past times – baseball, basketball, curling – but have a look at this;


    Comments? Agree, disagree? Hoping Tom and Roger give this idea some airtime, remove a bit of the American bias.

  • Matt97

    I think its a reputation that's come from the time of Dickens at the start of the industrial revolution, where there was a lot of displaced people who did not get adequate health care.

    In regards to sports I think the really big truly international sports stops at number 5. For instance all the ones involving ice is never going to be internationally popular as they are mainly done by the Europeans and North America. Personally I don't think there should be an Winter Olympics as its not really all that global.

  • While I agree that “ice” orientated sports are not exactly the most global, they are some of the most fun to watch. Let's put it this way; I live in Australia. Imagine the amount of snow that has fallen on my front lawn. ZIP! But each time the Winter Olympics come around I am there with bells on (jingle bells preferably). I love the speed skating, ski jumping, figure skating and ice hockey.

    So I guess the question is, why do they need to be global? Is that what the Olympics are about? Honestly. Put aside the world stopping bickering for 14 days while they play sports. It's about gold medals, isn't it? So who cares if it's global or not.

    And, may I point your attention to the Jamaican Bobsled team? Not just a great movie!