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Sunday, 29-Jan-2023 10:02:03 GMT

Ace Dtect, President and Thoracic Implant Specialist

Ace Dtect

Editor-In-Chief SuBBrilliant News, Thoracic Surgeon, Gentleman. 

Age: 357 

Born: 28th June, 1641, Somerset 

Ace Dtect was 18 years old when he left his father's estate in Somerset to seek adventure in the American Colonies. Instead, he found 2 drunk reporters (Gutwood and Rusputin) in the gutters of Richmond, Virginia. In 1662 the three of them laid the foundation of the SuBBrilliant News with an eye toward the future. Ace then tried an innovative attempt at finding the northwest passage by going southeast which unwittingly landed him in Cyprys where he met Bhavraghita Semionopololes. 

Throughout the years Ace Dtect worked on building the SuBBrilliant News to become the top disinformation service of the World Wide Web. In those days SBN captured nearly 100% of the available readership. You would find him hard at work on his veranda drinking a julep and thinking very hard about what computers were. 

Several Kings and Presidents called on Ace's advice but the United States civil war tore him between his love of Virginia and his opposition to slaveholding so he moved behind the scenes and set up secret operations in Swansea, Wales where he still holds an estate to this day. He spent the early 1900's as an amateur scientist developing thoracic surgery. 

In the late 1960's Ace was a key adviser on the ARPAnet project and helped give timely spelling tips to those developing FTP, TCP and the failed FSTP (Funny Stuff Transfer Protocol) He remained outside of the NIC but provided an essential advice on seating arrangements at CERN which helped produce the World Wide Web. He made a very strong cup of coffee once for Marc Andreeson which inspired him with the Mosaic and later Netscape browsers. 

Today Ace operates the worldwide SuBBrilliant empire with over 800 compounds and the extremely wonderfully famous SuBBrilliant News web site and grill. 

Ace Dtect


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