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Thursday, 23-May-2024 00:22:11 GMT

The Internet

SuBBrilliant Sertified Site Award

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News for nerds. Stuff that matters.

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SuBBrilliant Sertified Sites

Alien Abductions Incorporated- Thousands of individuals are abducted by extraterrestrial beings each year. Who do the aliens choose, and why haven't they chosen you? 
Amiracle Online
Parody of a leading ISP.  It's a miracle they're on-line.
Bob's Fridge Door- PSeudo News at the high roller level.
Boiling Point
A novel about the break-up of the United States into separate countries. Could happen!
Centre For The Easily Amused
If you are, go there.
Colonel Rhode's Gazzette - PSeudo News for the 19th Sentury.
Dr. Toast's Amazing World of Toast - There's Always More To Learn About Toast. 

The website for those who get up in the morning and think, "God obviously hates my guts."
Engleneck News

Twisted News to Amuse.

Once and future creative force.
The Globe-Guardian
- Humoring you for more than a fourth of a tenth of a decade.
The Hypocrisy Entertainment Network
- Keeping the world safe for hypocrisy.
Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool
- Watch the celebrities drop like flies and win big! 
Microsoft Sucks- At Least For Real World Work
One of the more intelligent 'I hate Microsoft Pages' Includes examples!
The Mining Company, Zines Index
A wealth of zines with nugget-sized reviews.
Mix World - A Scary Collection of Colored Irish Balls.  You just have to see it for yourself. 
Moose Mansions - Britain's richest natural source of futile lists of irrelevant thingummies.
Net Enquirer- Not your mother's tabloid, apparently.
People's Democratic Republic of Merritt
One of the .. er.. more interesting nations on (or off) the map.
Rant- PSeudo News in the time-honoured tradition, using hand-worn shop tools and the finest British leather and sheepskin.
Rest Stop Writers' Newsletter
A great writers resource .
Rusputin's Happy Hideout
Care for a smoke?  Collections of writings and otter fun stuff.
Satire.Org -The International Organization for Satire.
Scam-O-Rama - Makers of the Power Head Paver ©.
The Screen Savers-
TV Computer help show. They pay my rent.
Tabloid.Net - The Best News Service On The Web (after SBN).  Journalism in the time honoured fashion.
The Twisted Passenger
Originators of Life After Death Inc.  Stiffen up your party with a stiff
Explorer of socially unacceptable realities.
UNDERBELLY- For those who like getting smashed in a bar older than their parents.
Venice Italy Index- Your best net guide to Venice since 1996!
Vik Trola's Lounge of Self Indulgence-It's Hip it's now it's cool it's WOW!
An excellent collection of alternative media sources.
Weasel Breweries
Homebrew from the Monks of Ann Arbor Ave.

Boycott Fade to Black! Do NOT Click HERE!
Double-S Subbrilliant Approved Sites
These sites are not neccessarily SuBBrilliant but handy to have around nonetheless.
Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences
Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Copyright Website
Culture Jamming
Doctor HTML
Electric Zen - An Einsatzgruppen Electronic Repository
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Fight Spam On The Internet!
Internal Revenue Service
The Internet Public Library
Joke of the Day
Library of Congress
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
NASA Information Services
Research-It!- The One Stop Reference Desk
Welcome to the White House
The Whitney Museum of American Art
Paris Pages Musee duLouvre

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