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Sunday, 29-Jan-2023 08:04:52 GMT

Bluedog - Hard-Nosed Journalist

Terry "Bluedog" McElroy

Bluedog came from a poor dust farm in rural Mississippi. He helped pick cotton until the arrival of the boll weevil forced all the local farmers to switch crops. Dust farming was lucrative, however, and Bluedog opened a co-op where the dust crop was processed into kitty litter. Bluedog soon rose as a local power in mid-Mississippi and bought a local paper, The Dust Bunny. Here his editorial style quickly captured the attention of the jounalistic titans of the day, and he was soon on his way to Californ-eye-ay to work for William Randolph Hearst. Bluedog exposed the soft underbelly of Hollywood in the 1930s through his in-depth writing. Over the years, his honest approach made him too many enemies in the corrupt Hollywood studios, however, and he was forced to leave town when his marriage to Ava Gardner went sour.

Bluedog wandered the country in the 1940s and his friendship with Jack Kerouac led some to believe that Kerouac’s bestselling On The Road was based on him. Through it all, Bluedog’s articles continued to appear in all the best magazines, and he was hailed as Time’s Man of the Year in 1956.

Today, Bluedog’s writing is known to millions the world over. He counts many of the world’s leaders as his personal friends, and he was considered for the premiership of Russia recently upon Boris Yeltsin’s retirement. Recently, appearing at the Vatican on New Years Eve, people in the St. Peters Square crowd were heard to ask: “Hey, who’s that guy with the white hat up there with Bluedog?”

We here at SBN are pleased as punch to have a journalist of Bluedog’s stature on the staff.
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