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Sunday, 29-Jan-2023 09:56:39 GMT

Sir Reverend Dr. Tyrone Dye E.S.U.H.- Features Editor, Spiritual Advisor

Rev. TyeDye  

Rev. Tyrone Dye Allow me to introduce myself.  I am Tyrone Dye, (aka Tyedye), critic, whiner and muckraker at large. Someone must respond to the time-honored call of obscuring reality in full rectitude. I have answered that call, and reversed the charges.  (How DO these people get my phone number?!).  I have taken it upon myself to help inform the residents of earth about the newsworthy events and controversies within our world community, much of it hidden beneath the mainstream journalistic crucifixions we see on the nightly news.  Gossip can destroy reputations, unless tempered with objectivity and accuracy.  I offer neither.  Sometimes the truth can hurt, but for the world to survive we must all learn to master our pain, and not point in callous mirth at those who are sported by deceitful authors, and move on in cheery faith to the next probable lie.  Unlike other journalists, I never studied ethics, therefore I will proudly name my sources.  Names haven't been changed to protect the humorless. 
     Objections or criticism to any facts, fabrications or content which you read in these articles should not be directed at myself, but to the editor of this fine publication.  However, you may forward all compliments directly to me. (I know I do). 

Real Name: Sir Reverend Dr. Tyrone Dye E.S.U.H. 
Nickname: Tyedye 
Location: California, where else? 
Vitals: Pulse- 62, blood pressure- 110 over 70, respirations- thready and irregular 
Education: 7 years of college down the drain! (Majored in Philosophy and Psychology, minored in 
                  Hallucinogens) Graduate of the 'Tom Dark Academy of Journalism'. 
Political Affiliation:  I vote the Librarian ticket, or not at all 
Religion: I am totally and passionately committed to my indifference, except in self-defense when I 
               transform into an atheist. 
Current Occupation: Cub Reporter for the Internet's 'SubBrilliant Pseudo News' 
Favorite Authors: Tom Robbins, Mark Twain, Carl Hiasson, Jimmy Buffett 
Three Words That Best Describe Me: cynical, sarcastic, confused 
In High School I Was Voted: most likely to secede 
My Best Quality: not taking anything (including myself) too seriously 
My Worst Quality: not taking anything (including myself) too seriously 
Hobbies: feeding rodents to my pythons, lucid dreaming, supporting my Internet Relay Chat 
                addiction, exploring socially unacceptable horizons, fabrication 
Favorite song; Mark David Chapman's rendition of Eric Claptons "I Shot the Sheriff"..., "I Shot 
the Walrus, but I Did Not Shoot Paul McCartney". 
Favorite Homepage:

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