Today’s game started bad and ended bad. No Huston Street jerseys were to be had at the D gate.  In fact no boxes or attendants were in sight so we figured they were long long gone. As we made our way to the Westside club we found that there were plenty of jerseys at the C gate. Live and learn.  We decided to go the Field Irish Pub and watch the World Cup while we ate burgers. That worked well until one of the bartenders inexplicabloy changed one of the TVs to the A’s scoreboadr channel.  What gives?  We paid to come watch the A’s and we would.  This was 30 minutes before first pitch, why force us to watch the stupid scoreboadr ads?  They reasonably left one TV on the Cup and we watched until they went to the first OT.  By that time it was time to get in our seats for the lineups and anthem.

It looked like the A’s could hang in there.  They fell behind but tied it up.  A few fielding miscues proved their undoing. Swisher attempted a dive on a possible double to left and made sure it was a triple for example.  Danny gave up the 4 runs.  Duke and Street pitched well but the A’s could only muster five hits.  You can’t win if you don’t score.

The A’s go into the All-star break tied for first with Texas.  Tied.  Yech.  Every time they’ve gone into the all-star game in first (alone) they’ve won the division.  Don’t know if that holds true for tied.  I guess we’ll find out.