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I was discussing with bigepaz this morning how J. J. Abrams would incorporate Leonard Nimoy into the upcoming Star Trek movie. It occured to us that he could choose to pick up the story of Spock’s resistance fight on Romulus. Perhaps even dealing with Spock having the same ailment that affected his father.

So wouldn’t it be an obvious opportunity for a TNG crossover? Abrams is good at keeping secrets and springing surprises. It would be a very smart buzz-generating and just generally cool move to have a double-crossover. But who should/would/could it be?

October 23, 2007: 3:04 pm: books, Uncategorized

Sword and Laser bannerVeronica Belmont has graciously allowed me to help her start a science fictiona and fantasy book club called The Sword and Laser. Our first book will be ‘The Golden Compass’ by Philip Pullman (also known as Northern Lights outside the US… why do they do that?). So if you’re into swords and/or lasers, pop on by and join us.

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The American Freedom Agenda caught my eye today. They are fighting for legislation returning the rights and freedoms that the current President has either eroded or removed. These include issues like habeus corpus, the right of journalists to report, a ban on torture, an end to the practice of signing statements to exempt yourself from the law, and more. This is essential to whatever candidate next holds the Presidency. If we are to avoid a dictatorship, the erosion of liberties must stop.

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So it’s an animal eh? Interesting.


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2. Is it a vegetable? 90% no

1. Is it a mineral? 74% no

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Sorry for the delay. 20 Questions now continues.

72% said it is not a mineral. So on we go.


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1. Is it a mineral? 74% no.