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December 25, 2008: 7:06 pm: humour, Technology

I have a question, can anyone help?

You left out an important detail. Please provide it.

Oh sorry, here is half of what you asked for.

Yes, but that’s still not all of the important details I asked for.

Oh sorry. Here’s the rest, but with a serious misunderstanding.

Let me clarify. I need this exactly.

Oh OK. Here you go.

Hi I just discovered the thread and instead of being helpful I’m going to explain to you why you would never want to do what you’re asking.

Hi I just discovered this thread and would like to point out how you could Google this yourself but I also will not actually provide any help.

I just jumped in to call you a n00b and make an ironic joke.

Hi I’m the original responder and I have a solution you can try.

I tried your solution but it didn’t work.

Can you explain more why it didn’t work?

Well let me give you half an explanation leaving out several important details.

I guess I’ll need to ask for the rest of the details then.

Oh sorry, here are the rest of the details including a very important detail that I left out of the original problem that you could never have guessed.

Well I will have to take a slightly exasperated tone and say that you should have told me that in the beginning. So now let me propose a different solution.

I want to jump back in and point out that I can’t see any earthly reason why you’d want to do what you’re asking, but at the same time provide no real useful help to the thread.

I just want to make another ironic joke.

I the original poster must now ask a question that was actually answered in the latest proposed solution.

I will politely refrain from pointing out that if you read my last post more carefully you would see I answered that, but instead just repeat that part verbatim without further commentary.

Oh, got it, I will try that. I will then not respond for several weeks.

Hey, it worked. Thanks for all the help everyone!

December 3, 2008: 11:10 pm: internet

First, let’s be clear. I blame Len for this. He hit Veronica Belmont who in turn hit me.

I’m talking about something called the ‘Sixth Photo Meme’.

“It works like this: if you use Flickr, go to the sixth page of your photostream and pick the sixth picture there, then post it to your blog.”

So here you go. They asked for it.

Yep. A shot of the Strong Bad Email Netflix sleeve from when I was watching it back in April. Now that’s photography.

And now for the evil part. You are also, chain-letter style, supposed to hit six more people. Between Len and Veronica my blogger contact list runneth low. But not empty.

So Eileen Rivera, Kristin Rivera, Molly Wood, Jason Howell, Andrew Mager and … oh heck… Josh Lawrence. Consider yourselves memed. Fail to respond at your peril.