July 12, 2006: 3:28 pm: dualities

This duality gives rise to several others, like English vs. Math for instance. Are you a word-person or a number person? Do you prefer the precision of numbers or the expressive brilliance of language?

: 3:26 pm: dualities

I’m defining a duality as a pair of things that seem to often be used as opposites. Dog-people and cat-people for instance.  We all know that the world cannot be easily broken down this way but we like to try. This fundamental urge to break things down into dualities expresses itself in phrases like “two sides to every story” and “there are two kinds of people in this world”.

The dualities thread in this blog is an attempt to explore the many ways we break things up into dualities.  Why do we do it?  What qualifies things to become a duality?