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June 14, 2001: 9:28 am: science

Evidence of Martian Water Found in Sahara
Analysis indicates the meteorite was exposed to water from below the surface of Mars.

: 9:25 am: science

Did Early Man Hunt Species to Extinction?
A controversial subject receives some new data that points to prehistoric culpability.

June 12, 2001: 3:11 pm: science

Color Electronic Paper
Electronic paper that you can print to over and over is now perfected in color by E Ink.

June 11, 2001: 1:56 pm: science

Brownian Motion May be at the Heart of All life
Thermal motion found at the heart of the cells ability to move molecules around.

: 1:52 pm: science

Carpal Tunnel Alleged to be Psychiatric Diseas
Carpal Tunnel relegated to the class of mental diseases that produce real pain and symptoms.

June 4, 2001: 12:59 pm: science

Galaxy Bulges Not Uniformly Old
Astronomers obsewrving nearby galaxy M33 found young stars in the central bulge once thought to be the harbinger of the oldest stars in any given galaxy.

June 1, 2001: 1:05 pm: science

Jellyfish-Mustard Hybrid to Colonize Mars and talk to Earth
NASA is promoting the development of a mustard plant with the reporter gene from a Jellyfish that lets it glow green when conditions change.

: 8:10 am: science

Huge Dinosaur Found Near Egyptian Coast
Paralititan stromeri whose name means tidal giant, is the remains of the second largest dinosaur ever found.

: 7:38 am: blognotes

I’m switching the focus as you can see by the change of the Blog name from Blogging for Clues to Best of World Science. I intend to make this a repository fo the coolest science news I find as I trawl the Web.