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December 6, 2006: 5:22 pm: jameskim

My dear friend and colleague James Kim was found today. He passed away in the wilderness looking for help for his wife and two kids. Kati and the two daughters Sabine and Penelope were found Monday and are alive and well.

I worked with James at TechTV on many things. When TechTV moved to LA we both got jobs at CNET and started on the same day. I was very happy to see a friendly face like his on my first day on a new job. We sat right next to each other my first year there, and it helped to have him around to talk to.

He would always pop by desk and talk baseball. His team was the Mariners but he had a fondness for my team, the Cardinals. A couple months ago he gave me a Cardinals baseball player figurine he’d found while cleaning out some stuff. He said he thought of me when he saw it. It surprised me but made me grateful too. It was really thoughtful.

If I ever needed anything in the course of my job, James would break his back trying to help me out. He was a good man. Not in the trie sense, but int he real sense. He always meant well, and always wanted to make things better.

It’s why he gave the majority of the food to his kids when they were stuck in the car. That’s what led him to leave the car after a week. He wanted to make things better. They say every person has a time, but this doesn’t seem right. We all wanted so badly for this turn out well. And we’re very grateful Kati and the two girls made it, but it’s breaking our hearts that James didn’t.

Thanks James. I’ll miss you.

December 5, 2006: 1:22 am: jameskim

AP PhotoRescuers found Kati Kim and her two daughters near their car near Bear Creek road in Oregon today. However, James had left two days ago on Saturday morning to try to find help. He had hoped to return that afternoon but has not returned. We’re keeping our fingers firmly crossed for more good news. But we’re incredibly glad to hear Kati and the girls are safe.

December 1, 2006: 6:12 pm: jameskim

Investigators are searching off roads this afternoon along I-5 and US38 in Oregon.

A video of James and his family has been posted on YouTube. If you live in Oregon, please pass around this link to anyone who might have come in contact with the family.