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September 30, 2006: 8:49 pm: Boiling Point

Part 8 of Boiling Point, a novel, read on MP3.

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: 7:23 pm: Boiling Point

Part 7 of the novel Boiling Point, read on MP3.

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September 29, 2006: 12:06 am: Boiling Point

Part six of the novel Boiling Point, read aloud on MP3.

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September 8, 2006: 5:09 pm: movies

A 20th Century Fox motion picture comes out with Mike Judge as the creative force anfd starring Luke Wilson.  Haven’t heard of it?  No surprise, in a reverse from Sankes on a Plane, the movie Idiocracy is getting absolutely no advertising or support from its own studio. No trailer.  No official movie poster even. Up until a week ago it wasn’t even going to be releaed.  Instead it has ben released in the unlikely cities of Atlanta, Toronto, Chicago and of course LA.  Inaddition, Mike Judge’s home state of Texas can watch if they liv ein Austin, Dallas or Houston.

The movie takes place in an America of the future where everyone has gotten stupid. Consumerism, violence and idiocy, as the title implies, now rule.  Luke Wilson plays an avarage guy form 2005 who enters a hibernation experiment and accidentally is kept asleep for 500 years.  When he wakes up in 2505, he finds he is now the smartest person in the world.

The premise is that dumb people keep having kids and smart people don’t leading to a world of idiots.  Granted it’s far-fetched form a genetic standpoint, but hey, what good scifi movie isn’t far-fetched. This is sort of similar to the plot of Futurama with stupidity being mor eemphasized. Terry Crews plays the President of the US, a giant dreadlocked pro wrestler.  Wrestlers and porn stars seem to reign in the future world which also sports a Costco that is it’s own city with a giant monorail.

I implore Fox to explain what the hell it’s doing with this movie.  Reviews are mixed to good, but if they hated it so much, why release it at all?  Why not go straight to DVD?

I implore you to see it if you can and report back.  I’m stuck in the apparently improper market of San Francisco, so I won;t be able to see it.

September 3, 2006: 5:47 pm: Boiling Point

Part 5 of the book Boiling Point on MP3.