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April 30, 2006: 8:24 pm: eastmeetswest

The discussion centers largely around homelessness, but Roger and Tom also dabble in the habits of buffalo, Neal Stephenson and of course the Kelp highway.

April 27, 2006: 11:53 am: Politics

This country was founded partially on the idea that criminals and other undesirables should be shoved off overseas.  Hence my family’s arrival in Connecticut in 1660. Damn free-thinking Liberal deists. Well history doth tend to repeat itself, hence a South Carolina congressmen’s brilliant idea to send folks convicted of drug offences off to other countries (via Boing Boing).  Be careful sir, they might just start a new country and end up shoving yours into the pages of history.  It’s happened before.


April 23, 2006: 10:21 pm: eastmeetswest

Roger gets changry as the gentlemen discuss the morality of eating fake meat, the fate of train transportation, various theories on migration to the Americas, and the real reasons for high oil prices.

April 16, 2006: 10:32 pm: eastmeetswest

The show focuses on listener comments. Roger and Tom discuss train travel, immigration, how the Cubs haven’t won a World Series since 1908, leaving San Francisco, the meaning of Google in Chinese, and much much more.

April 11, 2006: 12:29 am: eastmeetswest

The discussion is joined by Veronica and Ryan as they talk about immigration, Oakland, laptop thievery, and more. Roger and Tom also explain the delay in this week’s episode.

April 9, 2006: 8:29 pm: eastmeetswest

Just a note that East Meets West will record on Monday night instead of Sunday. That’s the plan now.

April 2, 2006: 10:35 pm: eastmeetswest

In this episode Roger and Tom talk about daylight savings time, trains, democracy, immigration, the industrial revolution and touch on soda and Barry Bonds again.