Well they did it. The Boston Red Sox are World Champions.

Thanks to the family of Chick Shorten for their posts. While our fanciful tale may not have solid journalistic backing, the following things are true.

-Babe Ruth did take Chick’s job
-Chick’s career never got fully rolling in the majors after that.
-The Red Sox did not win a World Series unti after we exposed the ‘curse of Chick Shorten.’

Draw your own conclusions but here’s ours.

The best people get angry and sometimes their actions have unforeseen repercussions. We don’t in any way believe Chick was evil, on the contrary. This year was magic. Before we posted our story the Red Sox were in dire shape against the Yankees. After that they came back and won eight games in a row to defeat both the evil empire and my beloved Cards.

There were other portents too. The Red Sox first at bat of the World Series was number 19 (Williams) pitching to number 18 (Damon). The series finished with two outfielders standing next to each other number 19 (Kapler) and number 18 (Damon). In 1918 the Red Sox won 86 games. One for every year they would have to wait until the next championship. Their final World Series loss came in 1986. And of course, the final out was made by (my favorite Cardinal) Number 3 (Renteria), the same number as the Babe wore with the Highlanders.

Tip your caps to baseball folks. Tip your caps to the Red Sox, and mostly for us tip your cap to Chick Shorten. Devil’s deal or not his good name is now in the clear.

-Tom Merritt