In honor of the idea that copyright should expire after 14 years, I’ve dedicated the 1993 articles of the SuBBrilliant News archive into the public domain.

The 1993 issues were printed and distributed on paper, originally in Champaign-Urbana and then after July in Austin, Texas. They were also sold as a collection in the late 1990s at the FringeWare Book Store in Austin. (Ahh FringeWare. How I miss you.)

Anyway, 14 years is what the old copyright law used to be and what one study says the optimal term of copyright should be. In support of that notion, I’m making the text of the original 1993 issues public domain. I’d make the images PD too, except they were all clip artIstole, so I probably don’t have the right to do so.

You can find the archive here.

I probably won’t make 1994 Public Domain, as I can’t freakin’ find any of those stories. They were written up in email and distributed from my CCSI email account. That account is long gone as are the stories sent through it.But if you do find any of them, (One was about Santa and Jerry Garcia as I recall) by all means consider them yours to do with what you will. Just drop me a line if you would. I’d love to see them again.