I just ran across a piece of paper with a list of the books I read for the summer reading program at Greenville Public Library in 1980. I was surprised how little my tastes have changed. There’s a nice mix of biographies, mysteries, paranormal topics, science, geekiness, history, and sports. Here’s a list.

ESP – Daniel Cohen (Paranormal)
Fly you stupid kite fly – Charles Schulz (Comics)
Summers fly, winters walk – Schulz (Comics)
It’s hard work being bitter – Schulz (Comics)
The roller skating book – La vada wier (?)
Walter Cronkite – Paul Westman (Bio, Media)
Hank Aaron – George Sullivan (Bio, Sports)
It’s Arbor Day, Charlie Brown – Charles Schulz (Comics)
Prehistoric Animals – Bruno Frost (Science)
Outer Space – Robin Kerrod (Science)
International Race Car Drivers – Mark Dillon (Sports)
Danny Dunn and the Universal Globe – Jay Williams (Mystery)
The abominable Snowman – Barbara Antonopoulos (Paranormal)
Nathan Hale – Virginia Francis Voight (Bio, History)
Sam Houston – Paul Hollander (Bio, History)
Coretta Scott King – Willie Patterson (Bio, History)
Games – Alida Thacher (Geeky)
The Challenge of Space – Robin Kerrod (Science)
Chess is an easy game – Fred Rienfield (Geeky)
Chess Victory – Fred Rienfield (Geeky)
The Harlem Globetrotters – Frank Gualt (Sports)
Knock Knock Jokes – Joseph Rosenbloom (Humor, Geeky)
Danny Dunn – Jay Williams (Mystery)
Card Tricks – Geoffrey Lamb (Paranormal)
Telescopes and Observatories – Patrick Moore (Science)
Alabama – Carpenter (Love of the south???, History?)
The Moon – Herbert Kondo (Science)
Quasars – Melvin Berger (Science)
Secret Mesages – Margaret Jerian (Spy)