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July 19, 2009

Scientists break Morali’s law, stop music

by Acedtect

A forthcoming report in Nature claims to show a way to stop the music, thus violating Morali’s law.Stop Sign

A system of lasers cools music in a vacuum to a point where it no longer can actuate foot-tapping or body-movement.

Morali’s law, named after composer Jacques Morali, states simply that ‘you can’t stop the music’. In fact it goes on to postulate the nobody can stop the music.

Critics of the paper say the music is not actually stopped but rather paused.

“If the lasers are removed, it’s shown in this paper that music does continue,” said crtitic Dr. Victor Willis. “I think by definition if the music can continue after a stoppage, at best it can be said to have been paused, not entirely stopped.”

Still, the researchers who created the laser-cooled music-topping apparatus hope to move on to taking cold from snow, as Morali’s Law indicates that is in fact easier than stopping music.

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