SuBBrilliant News

About SuBBrilliant News

SuBBrilliant News allegedly began in 1662 when Ace D’tect first came to the United States. It’s first verifiable appearance was in June of 1993. as a paper “‘zine” in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. It resurfaced as an email newsletter among friends in 1994-1995 but those issues have all been lost to the Internet.

In 1996, the website was first launched at by 1997 it had moved to its own domain name at You can still find the last published instance of that era at that address with most links working. The stories from the paper era and the first website are all collected at the original Subbrilliant Archives.

This site is a relaunch of SuBBrilliant News for the 21st Century. we’ve learned much in our sojourn through the Internet in the 5 years since the last regularly published edition. The new version will act more like a blog and take advantages of many of the publishing advances made in the past several years. Below is a reprint of the original mission of the site. It’s somewhat outdated and a bit juvenile but it’s still the spirit behind the parody idea that will not die.