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March 1, 2014

Deep state operatives spread cancer lies

by Acedtect

(CLEVELAND, Ohio) A new peer-reviewed study on the prevalence of propaganda ops by Deep State agents, showed cancer myth-spreading has risen 38% over the past six months.

The mission of the propagandeer in question is to encourage people to treat their cancer with alternative therapies like baking soda, lemon juice, or flouristat in some cases. The ultimate aims of deep state actors are rarely known but theories to motivations involve driving up health care expenses by raising the number of people who put off treatment, thus requiring more expensive procedures.

However the plots to get people to avoid effective cancer therapies might be more insidious. Some experts believe the secret government plan involves targeting groups for slow extermination by non-treatment.

If you see actors in forums, message boards or chats going under any of the following names or their variations, beware and do not engage. Any conversation with them will result in your being tracked and monitored and possibly turned into a false flag operation yourself.

According to the paper by Dr. Gavel McLeod Ph. D. in Political Theory the user names known so far are truthsprddr, anticncr5, ckiller-62672, cancerdancer, yeastowza, bksdklr and shwood. More usernames are being discovered daily.

The experts advise simply ignoring the agents until they go away.

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December 9, 2011

Food blamed for fat teens

by Acedtect

SANTA MONICA – Researchers think they may have found the strongest cause for teen obesity. Dr. Morgana Phillechang made the announcement from the Santa Monica Laboratory of Research into Teen Behavioral Quality.

Phillechang’s team isolated teens into a control group as well as groups that only watched TV, played video games, surfed the Internet or ate food, for 10 days.

“We were shocked that the group tasked with eating food had 5 times the body mass index increase of the groups who engaged in other sedentary activities,” said Phillechang.

The team’s research will be published int he forthcoming issue of Nature and recommends scrutiny of food regulations for teens.

Congress was quick to respond, with Representative Joh Brenkman calling for legislation to outlaw food for teens. “It is unfathomable that we allow these dangerous substances to be easily available to our children,” Brenkman said in a statement.

The Brenkman bill calls for food to be placed on shelves out of the reach of children, labels stating the dangers of food and will require grocery store employees to record the identity and age of any adult purchasing food.

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July 19, 2009

Scientists break Morali’s law, stop music

by Acedtect

A forthcoming report in Nature claims to show a way to stop the music, thus violating Morali’s law.Stop Sign

A system of lasers cools music in a vacuum to a point where it no longer can actuate foot-tapping or body-movement.

Morali’s law, named after composer Jacques Morali, states simply that ‘you can’t stop the music’. In fact it goes on to postulate the nobody can stop the music.

Critics of the paper say the music is not actually stopped but rather paused.

“If the lasers are removed, it’s shown in this paper that music does continue,” said crtitic Dr. Victor Willis. “I think by definition if the music can continue after a stoppage, at best it can be said to have been paused, not entirely stopped.”

Still, the researchers who created the laser-cooled music-topping apparatus hope to move on to taking cold from snow, as Morali’s Law indicates that is in fact easier than stopping music.

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September 11, 2007

Lean-Clean Theory Debunked

by Acedtect

Time to clean(BALTIMORE) – Scientists at the Center for the Study of Labor Dynamics issued a startling report Monday, causing a stir among managers everywhere.

“If you have time to lean,” said Doctor Hillary Silverman, lead author of the report, “it does not necessarily follow that you also have time to clean.”

The report not only proves the old standby of managers everywhere to be false, but also lays out a clear analysis of how much following the adage has cost business over the past 50 years.

“Over $62 billion dollars has been wasted attempting to get employees to clean when they did not have time to do so,” stated Silverman.

The report essentially shows that lean times are limited by a very short interval of moving the body towards a wall and resting on it. The calculated minimal lean time is just under one second.

However cleaning, requires gathering materials, finding the item or area that needs cleaning and making some progress towards actual cleanliness.

“Our report assumed that wiping a cloth over a surface only really counted as cleaning if the surface was no longer dirty after the wiping,” clarified Dr. Silverman.

Minimal clean times could be very short but still calculated at 10 times minimal lean times.

Bert Smugnik, of Smugnik Cleaning Supplies took issue with the report.

“You’re trying to tell me that I should let my employees just stand around? That I’ll make more money if I just let them goof off like a buncha slackers?! Baah! It don’t add up. Eggheads.”

“Look at the wipe limit for chrissakes,” Smugnik pointed out. “They take absolutely no account of whether a surface is less dirty after one wipe. They just throw out the data unless its perfectly clean. I’m sorry but that’s incomplete research.”

Still, some progressive companies like Google Inc. and Halliburton have said they will take the report’s findings to heart and expect to increase earnings as its recommendations are implemented.

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August 10, 2006

Chatters not really laughing asses off

by Acedtect

Scientists(PHILADELPHIA) – A recent study of chatroom and instant message behaviour shows rampant lying in the online world.

90 percent of chatters who claimed in acronym they were rolling on the floor laughing were really just sitting quietly at their computer.

“In fact, most weren’t even laughing.  The majority were merely smirking or chucking at best,” said Norm Nordquist of the Institute for Communication Study.

“We found the same thing with LMAO. Not only were the asses firmly connected to the chatters in question, but again, mirthful behaviour was limited.”

Similar numbers were found for AFK, BRB, and JK.

“Over 50 percent of people who said AFK, stayed at the keyboard. A full 60 percent of those claiming to BRB did not come right back. And worst, we found that over 90 percent of JK typers were in fact not kidding at all, but quite serious.”

The Institute has called for remedial actions before the affects of chat-lying become permanent.

“This sort of behaviour could tear our society apart,” said Nordquist. “If we allow it to continue, we could very well see apathy towards government, cultural illiteracy, and the rise of a community that values celebrities more than their neighbours.  I shudder at the prospect.”

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