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May 18, 2009

Liffr takes social media world by storm

by Acedtect

Step aside Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. Liffr, is the latest new hot website to catch the attention of the digerati.

The site seems simple on first visit. A dark black background greets you with one simple space for text and the question “What did your life mean?”

You have 141 characters (one more than Twitter) to sum up your entire life. Rabbi Rafael Lowe explained the startup is meant to give your existence the same boost Twitter gives your lunch.

“People love sharing what they are doing on somethign like Twitter,” said Rabbi Lowe. “So think of the amazing love they’ll generate distilling their whole life. It will engage them in a kind of introspection that can only lead to revelation. Plus we have a business model. Selling ads to Life Insurance and estate planning companies.”

some have criticized Liffr for not being useful more than once. They say it lacks so-called ‘stickiness.’

But Rabbi Lowe disputes this. “Your life changes from moment to moment.” Liffr may only list one post from you, but unlike other social media services, it lets you change that post as your life evolves. Some of our users keep redefining their life every few minutes. That’s wonderful!”

Liffr also includes a history of revisions, similar to Google Docs, so people can look back on changes they’ve made.

“With Liffr, you CAN go back and relive parts of your life. It’s transcendent. And for a small fee we’ll even let you revert to previous versions. Micropayments are hot right now.

Celebrities have already started using Liffr, the most famous so far being Johnny Depp who’s Liffr post simply reads “pain.”

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