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April 1, 2010

‘Lost’ creators admit they have no idea how to end series

by Acedtect

Executive producers Damon Lindeloff and Carlton Cuse broke down in tears on their Official Lost podcast yesterday, admitting to the fans that they have no idea how to wrap up the mysteries of the island or any of the characters on the hit ABC show.

“We’ve been making it all up as we go along,” bemoaned Cuse. “There was never a plan. There were never even writers. We made up those guys too and hired out-of-work actors to play them.”

Lindeloff then described how J. J. Abrams had fed them the initial mysteries of the pilot and told them not to worry about wrapping up the show or answering any mysteries. “He thought we’d get canceled after a few years anyway and we could just blame ABC for the lingering questions.”

When that didn’t happen, Cuse and Lindeloff lobbied ABC to agree to a limit to the seasons.

“We knew we couldn’t pull this off forever,” said Cuse. “We figured setting a deadline would force us to come up with answers.”

“But it’s not working,” said Lindeloff. “We’ve started writing the final episode and so far all we’ve done is invent 5 new characters and create a new device called orthogonal flashes. We’re in panic mode.”

Some fans have suggested crowdsourcing the idea.

“They could just pick some of the more plausible workable theories form Lostpedia,” said jjsonick on a fan discussion forum. “It’d make about as much sense as what they’ve done so far.”

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